Arm -- Humanscale M8 Dual Flat Panel Monitor Arm

Arm -- Humanscale M8 Dual Flat Panel Monitor Arm

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The Humanscale M8s high weight capacity allows it to easily accommodate dual monitor applications. Using an optional crossbar the M8 supports two monitors each weighing up to 20 pounds arranged side by side. With a builtin fine tune adjuster each monitor can be adjusted for perfect alignment creating easy viewing and a smooth aesthetic. Monitors mounted to the crossbar adjust simultaneously allowing the user to easily reposition the entire configuration and improving the ergonomics of multiple user workstations.


-Rugged, high-capacity construction supports dual-monitor applications with optional crossbar

-Built-in fine-tune adjustment ensures that double monitors line up perfectly

-Sleek, modern aesthetic complements any contemporary workstation

-Integrated cable management reduces unsightly cable clutter

-180° stop mechanism prevents wall damage from over-rotation

-Counterbalances monitor(s) with simple hex screw adjustment

-Quick Release ball joint facilitates fast and easy monitor installation and removal

-Built-in security system provides effective theft-deterrent for public areas